BG ... Passion for innovation

BG is a Belgian company that designs and manufactures wood- and gas-burning heating appliances, mainly in the form of built-in fireplaces, which combine the beauty of the flame with maximum heat recovery and respect for the environment.


The company maintains its position as market leader for several years, thanks to continuous ingenuity, coupled with paying very close attention to its clients.

For BG, customer care, the constant search for quality and the desire to always be at the top of technology are the concerns of every moment.



Since its creation in 1957, the company has been growing. Thanks to constant investment, it is present nowadays in some thirty countries worldwide, including the United States and Japan.



In its approved laboratory, equipped with the latest technology, the BG “Research & Development" department, made up of around ten specialist engineers, researchers, designers and prototypers, is constantly examining how to improve and create products, making it possible to offer highperformance innovations to its clients every year. 

BG is also one of the rare companies which still has its own certified laboratory, not only obtaining the results of the various tests carried out (combustion, output, emissions, etc.) but also regularly reequipped with the latest equipment, so as to be at the top of technology, to keep pace with current standards and also to anticipate and comfortably exceed the strictest future standards for the European market, relating to output, pollution and even safety.



The R&D department obtains so international recognition thanks to its worldwide patents (EES), makes it possible to develop gas appliances specifically for the American market (which has the strictest safety regulations in the world!), creates new market niches by developing appliances which are totally nonexistent on the market and also obtains truly exceptional results in terms of dust and CO emissions and output (800 and Phenix Green ranges).