Jean-Paul Rosette, the ambitious new head of BG Fires | Bodart & Gonay!

After successfully having bought the famous brand Carat Duchatelet in 2014, a supplier of luxury limousines for heads of State since 1968, the well-known entrepreneur from Theux, Jean-Paul Rosette, this year fell under the charm of another jewel in the Walloon crown: Bodart & Gonay.

Barely heading up this company for three months, the new CEO has already, with great efficiency, infused this permanent energy and dynamism that characterises it. Immediately after, orders have risen significantly.... from Belgium, naturally, but also from France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and even the United States and Japan.

Jean-Paul Rosette wants to quickly re-establish the brand's international notoriety and revive its reputation for reliability and continuous innovation through the scheduled launch of completely new products that will inevitably make a lasting impression next season.... there's no more suitable way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this venerable business in 2017.