The Infire range

Simple and functional, practical and aesthetic, the new generation of built-in multi-fuel INFIRE fireplaces is all that and much more. The purity of its look, the size of the glazed door without any extra decorative elements is a perfect fit for all chimneys and any type of interior.


The INFIRE range is offered in two categories: "classic" for all standard models: economical and fully adapted to meet current standards; and "green" for the latest appliances in anticipation of future European ecological and leakproofing standards (environmentally-benign, energyefficient homes).



How do INFIRE CLASSIC fireplaces work?

How do INFIRE GREEN fireplaces work?


  • The door mainly glazed and fitted with hardwearing stainless steel gaskets, which ensure that it is perfectly and continuously airtight. Its optimal smoke control helps you to keep the window clean.
  • The combustion chamber, deep and made of high quality steel, it guarantees that the heat is distributed quickly.
  • The adjustable baffles ensure almost total combustion, maximum output and better power. As it is easy to remove, cleaning the chimney is not a problem.
  • The extraction vents allow the hot air to be distributed to other rooms in the house.
  • The interior screen, made of heat-resistant bricks or heat-resistant cast-iron plates in the case of Infire classic, of Skamolex or cast-iron in the case of Infire green, gives a high combustion temperature.
  • Log retainer kit.
  • The air distributors ensure ideal combustion of the fuel.
  • The combustion grates are highly resistant; they allow efficient deashing and an optimal performance whichever fuel you use.
  • The thermostat ensures a constant temperature, minimal consumption and a long-lasting fire.
  • The ashtray is easily accessible and allows simple and fast removal of the ashes.
  • The centrifugal fans, adjustable with an electronic speed regulator, guarantee quiet yet powerful convection so that the heat is quickly distributed throughout your home.
  • The safety cutout switch will shut off ventilation whenever the door is opened. There is also a thermocontact inside the casing, which automatically starts up and shuts down the ventilation according to fireplace temperature. It can be switched on or off manually using a switch located behind the filter (Infire green).
  • The dust filters, easy to remove and clean so as to prevent dust particles from getting into the room.
  • Distribution of combustion air inside the heater unit through four separate zones (air distributors, ducts, smoke control and brick stopper: rear distributor).
  • The secondary air control regulates the amount of secondary air for combustion and smoke control.
  • External air intakes (at the rear or underneath). You can also draw air into the room.
  • Valves to shut off the hot-air outlets.

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