Solid Fuel Range

Solid Fuel Range is divided into 3 categories and all of them meet every need, expectation and desire.


The built-in fireplaces, complete with integrated convection fans. These combine practicality with clean lines, optimum output and easy maintenance. A range that includes multi-fuel (wood and coal), dedicated wood-burning and the very latest ‘GREEN’ woodburners. Available in Neo, EasyClassic and Green versions.


The very latest generation fires with integral ventilation available in a fitted version or under a cabinet (30 different combinations).

Ever since man discovered and mastered fire, wood has been the fuel of choice.

The crackling of logs as they burn is incomparable and the warm atmosphere it creates has made it an undoubted success.

By choosing to use wood-burning fireplaces you are also doing your bit for the planet, as unlike oil and gas, burning wood does not add to the greenhouse effect. It also has a significant cost advantage, being much cheaper than other types of fuel.

With over 50 years’ experience in creating wellbeing by designing and manufacturing log fires, BG is thoroughly well-versed in every respect and is now introducing a wide range of appliances, all of which share the same high quality standards and technological reliability, as well as constant concern to offer a discreet, refined line. All are available in various sizes and spatial configurations.

Démonstration à Braine-Le-Château en Belgique !

The new generation BG fireplace is totally sealed in
(real tests carried out on-site by a CSTC-approved agency).

Although BG fireplaces are powerful, they can be operated at moderate levels (burning from 1 to 2 logs per evening) while offering some awesome flames. BG fireplaces can also heat up your home by adding a few extra degrees on an occasional basis to ensure total comfort.

Thanks to the controlled mechanical ventilation system, the heat generated by the fireplace is distributed to the different rooms in the house: kitchen, bedroom, entrance hall, etc..

The heat radiated from the chimney stack (double lined stainless steel) can be recovered to heat water (via an air-water heat pump).

The excellent performance of the new BG fireplaces generation guarantees ultra-low consumption (one stere per year) and the fireplaces can therefore be integrated in a sustainable development approach..