The Concept range

The big news for the 2014 season, is that BG wood-burning double-sided fires are completely restyled, joining our ever increasing range of “green” appliances, characterised by low carbon monoxide (CO) and low particulate emissions as well as perfect sealing and outside air inlet, making them fully compatible with environmentally-benign and low emission homes.

Presented under the Concept name, BG double-sided fires offer twice as much pleasure and twice as much comfort. The screen look, now more refined than ever, offers striking contemporary styling.


This new range of fires is truly revolutionary in many ways :

No more obstacles around the edge of the glass: No more frame or black edge to partially mask your view of the fire.

An exclusive and highly ingenious booster to start or restart firecombustion at any time (like opening up a conventional grate).


Optimised ventilation positioning to improve convection air circuit flow and thereby achieve exceptional results with 450 m3/h fan power.

Its wide range of KONTURO surrounds that turn your fireplace into a really high-performing, easy-to-install, freestanding stove – because it requires no special housing - and is easy to incorporate into any home décor.


Concept Single side

Concept Double Face

How do Concept fireplaces work ?

  • The door comes complete with a panoramic window giving a superb view of the fire, and fitted with seals (12). With its discreet closure system and movable handle, the façade gives a clear and elegant view.
  • The combustion chamber is deep and made of high-quality steel, it guarantees that the heat is distributed quickly.
  • The interior screen with its base made of heat-reflecting bricks and sides available in Skamolex or cast-iron version provides a high combustion temperature and/or thermal inertia, even for prolonged periods.
  • The baffle made of Skamolex and protected by a stainless-steel coating, ensures high-output combustion with exceptionally low emissions of carbon monoxide and particulates. Easily adjustable to regulate the draughting, it can readily be dismantled for easy cleaning.
  • The air distributors ensure maximum combustion throughout the combustion chamber.
  • The combustion air channels ensure perfect air distribution under the logs for maximum combustion. Linked to our Booster technology, they start up combustion when lighting the fire.
  • Mechanical secondary air thermostat controls the amount of secondary air and booster operation.
  • Primary air thermostat operated manually and thermally, it ensures good control of combustion for optimal heat output, minimum consumption and long-lasting warmth.
  • The hot-air outlets are used to direct heat to other areas of your house.
  • The secondary air layer provides a flow of air along the window to ensure it remains completely clean, also to provide auxiliary combustion, thereby increasing the output and reducing emissions of carbon monoxide and particulates.
  • The base deflector prevents ash from escaping from the grate when opening the door.
  • The completely leakproof air admission box ensures ideal distribution of combustion air within the chamber with its two thermostats (7 and 8)
  • The central air intake under the fireplace facilitates the external connection to the fireplace, ensuring that the system will be completely leakproof in relation to the home. Ideal for energy-efficient, environmentally-benign homes.
  • OptionallyThe double ventilation kit that is adjustable by means of an electronic speed control, it provides silent, powerful ventilation for the rapid distribution of heat within the home.