The Phenix Neo range

With a retractable door the fireplaces in the PHENIX NEO range act as two wood-burning heating appliances in one. When the door is retracted you get all the advantages of the warmth of an open roaring fire. When the door is closed you still get a complete view of the fire thanks to the panoramic glass, yet you will also have the advantage of an appliance with an optimal output and exceptional heating power.

Phenix 85 Neo

Phenix 95 Neo

Phenix 120 Neo

How do the PHENIX NEO fireplaces work ?

  • Mechanism of telescopic chains and counterweights, using free bearings.
  • Runner fitted with Eriflon rollers, ensuring absolute silence in operation thanks to a very low friction factor. No lubrication required.
  • Smoke clearing from the window using preheated air.
  • Airtight thanks to a special system of guides.
  • Door can be opened by swinging out; this facilitates cleaning.
  • Absence of metal below the window, allowing a more unrestricted view of the fire. Facility to leave the window in half-open position.
  • Multiple intakes for convection air and 150 mm diameter hot-air outlets.
  • Extra heat recovery.
  • 3 adjustable baffle plates and one fixed allow maximum heat recovery and adjustment of the appliance to the draw of each chimney.
  • Inside covering with Skamolex or black metal. The base is protected by firebricks.
  • Spacious heat-exchanger (3.96m2 in the case of Phenix 120 Neo Green). Facilitates thermal exchange.
  • Transfer of combustion air inside the heating unit through 4 separate areas (air distributors and ducts: see arrows).
  • A thermostat allows manual and automatic fire regulation. Heat is more regular and wood consumption lower.
  • External air supply through the back or base of the appliance (diam. 110mm).
  • 3 models of frame finish: 4 x 40 mm ; 4 x 80 mm and 30 mm.
  • Raised grate for those wishing to appreciate the entire depth of the logs.
  • Ventilation 750 m3/h.