Konturo surrounds

A major advantage of the Concept range is the freedom it leaves for your imagination. It offers you many original and unique configurations, for both built-in versions or those with Konturo, Konturo Plus, Konturo Compact and Konturo Muro surrounds.

This brings you an extensive range of 44 different models all with the same technological qualities that are specific to the very latest generation of BG fires.

We are sure that one of these models will easily find its place in your interior, bringing the strength of character and the warmth you were waiting for.


Footless surround for the Concept range for installation directly onto a flat surface. 

Konturo Plus

High surround with integral log store below the fire for the Concept range.

Konturo Compact

Low surround with metal pedestal for the Concept range.

Konturo Muro

Mettalic surroundings for all single sided Concepts (except the 540V).
A combustion air intake directly from outside is possible at the rear of the Konturo Muro.
This option  is fully integrated into the Konturo Muro base, without altering the aesthetics.

The different possible configurations :

With the ingenious Konturo surrounding, the Concept range can offer 44 different configurations!
Here in double sided version.  Same possibilities for single sided version.

Concept 540 DF V Konturo

Concept 540 DF V Konturo Compact

Concept 540 DF Konturo

Concept 540 DF Konturo Compact

Concept 540 DF Konturo Plus

Concept 790 DF Konturo

Concept 790 DF Konturo Compact

Concept 790 DF Konturo Plus

Concept 920 DF Konturo

Concept 920 DF Konturo Compact

Concept 920 DF Konturo Plus

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