About Bodart & Gonay

BODART & GONAY is a Belgian company that designs and manufactures wood heating stoves , mainly for insert stove , which combine the beauty of the flame with maximum heat recovery and respect for the environment.

The company has maintained its leading position in the market for several years thanks to its constant ingenuity, coupled with its ability to listen carefully to its customers.

For BODART & GONAY, customer satisfaction , quality continuous improvement  and being always allways on the cutting edge of the technology are constant concerns

In order to increase our quality of service and products that we deserve you, our company has moved, to more spacious and modern premises.

Photo Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Bodart & Gonay believes that honesty and transparency are really important, and we’re committed to respecting people and the environment.

We’re also really conscientious in how we use raw materials.

That’s why—to take just a few examples—we use solar energy for production, optimise our transport capacity, buy local products, re-use as much material as we can, and drive hybrid cars.

Our team

It is our pleasure to introduce our lovely team.

From Left to right: Alain, Bryan, Cristian, David, Pierre,

Ronny, Nicolas, Eveline, France, Joïc,

Jean-Philippe, Jan, Bernard, Xavier and Stefan.

Photo Our team

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