- 6 year guarantee of the wood-burner stove

- 2 year guarantee for removable parts

- 2 year guarantee on fans and electronic parts no guarantee on glass and bricks

- no guarantee on glass and bricks

Photo Guarantee

Fireplace maintenance tips

*To ensure the optimal and safe operation of your wood insert, fireplace, or stove, it is best to have it installed by a specialist.

*The quality of the wood is really important to ensure the proper functioning of your wood-burning insert, fireplace, or stove. Always use hard, dry wood such as from beech, ash, hornbeam, or fruit trees. It burns longer and ensures the longevity of your fireplace.

The key thing is not to burn wood that contains resin.

*Remove ashes every day by emptying the ash pan or using an ash vacuum cleaner. However, it is advisable to always leave a very thin layer of ash at the bottom of the fireplace.

*Clean the glass regularly. First wipe it with a slightly damp cloth covered in cold ashes. Then wipe again with another slightly damp cloth to remove any traces from the cleaning of the ash and, finally, wipe the glass dry. If the glass is really dirty and the ash-covered cloth is not doing the job, you can use a suitable cleaning product. Just make sure to apply it to the cloth and not directly to the glass. This prevents damage to the screen, the hardening of the seals on the glass and door (which can cause the glass to break because of the heat during use), as well as the wearing off or even the complete removal of the paint on your unit.

Photo Fireplace maintenance tips