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1 The door structure is placed behind the glass, and the door jambs are angled inwards. This is the visual identity of this range of appliances and maximises the view of the fire. Thanks to its discreet closing system and removable handle, the front offers a clear view of the fire.
 2 The new two-position door lock allows the door to be left ajar at start-up to prevent condensation on the glass. 
3 The combustion chamber has been optimised. It is deep and stepped, allowing the combustion bed to be concentrated in the centre of the firebox. This provides greater operating flexibility. The outside air intake can be downwards or to the rear (available for single-sided).
 4 The primary air is supplied under the combustion bed at two different levels, to ensure easy ignition and a controlled air supply throughout the combustion cycle. The stainless steel primary air channels are easily removable. 
5 Secondary and smoke extraction air are heated through the air ducts surrounding the heater.
 6 The heated smoke extraction air is led to the bottom and top of the glass. The deflectors allow this air to be guided over the pane to ensure a clean pane. These two air streams meet halfway and then act as secondary air to ensure perfect combustion. 
7 The control system allows you to adjust the output of the appliance with a single command. The clear "+" and "-" indications simplify operation and fire management. The control is cool and unobtrusive but effective. 
8 The thermostat manages the primary air. It allows the fire to be regulated and protects the appliance from overheating. 
9 The adjustable baffle allows the maximum amount of heat to be returned to the combustion bed, guides the gases to increase the efficiency of the appliance, and adapts the fireplace to the chimney draught. 
10 The interior of the appliance is available in Skamolex (vermiculite) or metal. 
11 Both fans (available as an option) are equipped with the latest generation of direct current motors. These motors consume very little energy and are particularly quiet. The automatic fan management system ensures automatic starting and variation. The speed selector allows the user to choose between 3 operating modes, including a "0" mode in which the ventilation only runs in case of overheating. A door switch switches off the ventilation when the door is opened. 
12 The two warm air outlets allow the connection of ducts to distribute the heat produced in the house.
13 The robust feet allow the height of the fireplace to be adjusted precisely.
14 The frames are available in several versions and can now be placed and adjusted after the cladding has been completed.

Photo Concept

Characteristics of the Concept

•  Very large window, with very little metal showing. 
• Discreet controls: the door handle can be removed easily. 
• Clear (Skamolex) or black (checker steel plate) interior. 
• Manual and AUTOMATIC fire management: a single, easy-to-use control.
• Manual and AUTOMATIC fire management: 1 three-position switch. 
• Clean glass: double smoke extraction, which is always active and very efficient.
• Little ash, which is easy to dispose of (ash pan with lid). 
• Almost complete combustion. 
• Low power consumption (maximum 12 W). 
• Adjustable baffle for adaptation to the chimney draught. 
• The ventilation can remain switched off (if two additional outlets are installed).
• The direct-current ventilation is especially quiet. 


Photo Concept


This system is placed between the unit and the outside air intake. 
It allows for a total seal when the unit is not in operation. 

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