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New New New Infire smart

. This IFS new insert, a worthy successor to the IF CLASSIC, has been designed to meet and, above all, exceed all European requirements


Infire Smart

1 The door structure is positioned behind the glass, and the door jambs are angled inwards. This is the visual identity of this range of appliances, and maximises the view of the fire. Thanks to its discreet closing system and removable handle, the front offers an uncluttered view of the fire.
2 The new two-position latch allows the door to be left ajar at start-up to prevent condensation on the glass.
3 The combustion chamber has been optimised. It is deep, allowing the ember bed to be concentrated in the centre of the firebox. This provides greater operating flexibility. It also prevents ash from falling out of the insert.
4 The combustion grate is made from a special alloy that gives it exceptional strength. It is easy to remove ash and allows air to pass through when the fire is lit. The floor bricks are made of ultra-resistant refractory concrete.
refractory concrete.
5 The 2 air distributors conduct the primary air directly along the entire length of the logs. They are easy to remove.
6 The secondary air is preheated at the back of the appliance, then blown into the combustion chamber at the right height, just above the logs.
7 Smoke extraction air is strongly preheated from the top of the appliance. It is always active to ensure clean glass.
8 The air control knob allows optimum regulation of the fire (3 positions).
9 The vermiculite baffle reflects a maximum amount of heat back onto the combustion bed and guides the gases for optimum heat recovery.
10 Ventilation air deflector optimises the flow of ventilation and natural convection air. This allows the appliance to operate without electricity, "at reduced load" in the event of a momentary power cut.
11 Ventilation is provided by 2 high-performance, energy-efficient fans. The management system ensures automatic start-up and shut-down. A door switch cuts off ventilation when the door is open.
12 Warm air ducts can be connected to distribute heat throughout the home. These can be adjusted directly from the front of the INFIRE.
13 The ashtray is easily accessible for quick removal of ashes.
14 The frames are available in several versions, and can be positioned and adjusted after the cladding has been fitted.
15 The filters protect the ventilation. They are easy to remove and clean.
16 The combustion air inlet can be located either at the back, underneath (outside air intake) or at the front (room air intake).
17 Movable baffle optimises combustion and the appliance's efficiency, and prevents any backdraft when the door is opened.
18 Vermiculite inner lining ensures a high combustion temperature. 
19 The flue outlet allows the appliance to be connected to the chimney. Connection at 45° and high outlet possible. IFSmart 600 and 680 Ø150 IFSmart 740-810-950 Ø180
20 Adjustable feet for quick and easy levelling of the appliance.
21 Ventilation switch with two positions (1 Slow, silent ventilation) (2 Fast, powerful ventilation)
22 Combustion chamber floor made of concrete bricks for greater resistance to impact.



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