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Photo Phenix

Characteristics of the Phenix Neo

- Very large window area and little visible metal around it. 
- Discreet control elements. 
- Bright interior (Skamolex) or black (grooved steel).
- Manual and AUTOMATIC control of the fire: 1 clear instructional lever that is easy to handle. 
- Manual control of the powerful and silent ventilation of 750 m3/h with an electronic dimmer (optional).
- Clean glass: efficient glass rinsing system. 
- Glass frame can be easily opened for cleaning. 
- Muffled noise when using door mechanism. 
- Axles easy to evacuate (shovel with cover). 
- Fireplace effect.
- Almost complete combustion, due to the ability to close the door.
- Adjustable flame plates for adaptation to chimney draught.
- Safety against overheating: automatic closure of the thermostat to calm the fire in case of overheating.
-Door mechanism always removable

Photo Phenix

Characteristics of the Phenix Neo

1 Mechanism with chains and counterweights running on a ball race. 
2 Runner with Eriflon rollers, ensuring quiet operation thanks to a very low friction coefficient.  No lubrication required.
3 Smoke extracted away from the glass with preheated air.
4 Airtight door with a special guiding system.
5 Tilting door opening makes cleaning easier.
6 Lack of metal below the glass makes for an unobstructed view of the fire. The glass window can be left in a half-open position.
7 Several convection air intakes, and 150 mm diameter hot-air outlets.
8 Supplementary heat recuperator.
9 Three adjustable baffle plates and one fixed baffle plate enable maximum heat recovery and adjustment of the appliance to the draft of each chimney.
10 Skamolex or black cast-iron cladding. The base is protected by fireproof bricks.
11 Spacious heat exchanger (3.96 m² for the Phenix 120).  Facilitates thermal exchange.
12 Combustion air is circulated in the heating unit in 4 distinct zones (see arrows).
13 A thermostat lets you control fire settings manually or automatically.  Provides more consistent heat and keeps wood consumption low.
14 External air intake on the back or the base of the appliance (diam. 125 mm)..



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